Vagina Strength & Vaginal Control Facts

Sent in by Romance Queen

Vagina Strength & Vaginal Control Facts

How strong can a vagina be(if *very* exercised)?
Can a vagina overpower a cock?

I have never heard of vaginal muscles being able to overpower a cock.

Well, actually I have. But I don't know if this information is reliable.
A stripper, Stephanie Evans(who can shoot ping pong balls and do
'pussy-tricks'), "claims her pussy muscles are so powerful, that
she has accidentally broken the penis of one of her boyfriends, putting
him in the hospital."

Another woman has said that "Sometimes it[the vagina] quivers so much
during orgasms that sometimes it causes a blood blister on mens cocks."
Hardly believable, though.

"Most of what you describe, is very true! If a woman excercises those
muscles long enough, indeed she can inflict all that you listed... and more.
Several times I have clamped down so hard while riding on top... I
snapped his penis and made it bleed! I know if I ever needed it for a
weapon, I could surely inflict pain!! From my experience and tone, I could
attest to most of these stories sounding true."
Anonymous woman

Is it possible for a woman with a *very* exercised
vagina to contract so hard that the penis aches?

According to the book "The New Joy of Sex", some arabian women in the
19th century could do this.

"Make better love"(by Enid Broderick) recommends women to do
Kegel- and egg-exercises until they can lift more than 11 lbs(5 kg) with
their vagina (weight attached to a vaginal ball). If such a strong vagina
clamped down on a cock it *could* hurt a little, I think.

"Tonya from Germany, who works at the Mustang has very strong
cunt muscles, perhaps too strong, or maybe she just hasn't learned to
use them as Honey has. My cock was kind of sore, more than usual,
after my session with her."
Anonymous man

There are 'pussy-shows' where the woman inserts an egg into her cunt
and then crushes it using her vaginal muscles. That is strong(try to
crush an egg in your fist)! A female journalist, who has interviewed
Bangkok bar girls, thought it was fake(using some gadget inside the
vagina), though. But even if the thai-girl used a gadget, I still thinks it
takes some strength to operate/hold that gadget.

Doctors confirm that it is possible for an exercised vagina to shoot
ping pong balls and pick up coins(like some of the Bangkok bar girls

"Her vaginal muscles actually convulsed to the point of near pain."
Anonymous man

"I'm a white girl, who's sexually active, but I can cut off the circulation
in one small finger with my pelvic floor muscles - think about it."
Anonymous woman

If bodies still(no thrusting), is it possible for a woman with strong vaginal muscles to contract so hard that the penis aches(i.e. the inward pressure from the vaginal walls, not the friction when moving, causing the pain)?

Don't know.

Is it possible for a woman with very strong vaginal muscles, to squeeze so hard that the erect penis is compressed/squeezed up a little bit(tenth of an inch)?

Possibly. I know of some women who claim they can do this.

Is it possible for an exercised vagina to tighten so hard, that it's impossible for a cock to enter, no matter how hard the man is thrusting or how much K-Y jelly he applies?

According to several books, some cases of vaginismus(vaginal cramp)
will make the vagina so tight that *nothing*(including fingers and small
objects) is able to penetrate.

According to an erotic magazine for men, Barbara Keesling, an american
sex therapist, has started some 'sex institutes' in America and Europe
(to better learn women how to control their vaginal muscles).

Some of the women who attends has developed muscles just as strong
as the Bangkok bar-girls. If you put your finger into their vagina, they are
strong enough to expel it and using their vaginal muscles these women can
squeeze so tight that the finger is unable to get back in. (I don't know how
reliable this article is, though).

I know of some women who claim that they can clamp down so hard that a cock
can't penetrate (even when thrusting hard). Their vagina is also strong enough to
expel a finger.

If part of the cock has already entered(like the glans), is it possible for an exercised vagina to contract so tight, that the cock can't penetrate further?

As the shaft is wedge-shaped, it's extremely hard to stop the penis once the
glans has entered.

Can a cock get trapped inside a strong vagina(so it can't move)?

Yes, according to sex advisors, it can.
Why the penis is trapped is rather unclear, though. Probably it's a combination
of the strong grip/friction of the vaginal muscles and that there is vacuum formed
inside the vagina(the tight fit doesn't allow the air to pass in and out of the vagina).

"In the middle of a rather dramatic love making session my girlfriend closed down
on me so tight that I couldn't pull out. No kidding, we were in the missionary
position and for a period of quite a few minutes I was unable to push her away
from me, nor could I remove myself from her. And no she didn't have her legs
around me. I was trapped in silky perfection. It was like being in a silky velvet
bear trap and there was no escape. It was like getting sucked into a jet engine
and it was GREAT! She enjoyed knowing how much it excited me and she got
a kick out of my pulling her across the bed and lifting her hips off the bed with
nothing but the grip she had on my penis with that wonderful beautiful talented
vagina of hers. Talk about an extremely wonderful feeling, WOW. I didn't want
her to ever stop crushing me like that. Strangely it wasn't painful but the intense
pressure only excited me that much more."
Anonymous man

"Bonnie told her the secret and demonstrated how to contract each muscle
group, how to alternate them to create suction, and how to do all at once for
the squeeze box effect.[Author's note: I'd detail this lesson, but I don't know
the secret. I did meet one true squeeze box in Thailand back in the sixties.
They are real. She could smoke cigarettes, blow smoke rings, and drink a
beer from a long-necked beer bottle with her cunt. She also wouldn't let me
out until I paid her--the bitch! No bullshit! She was an expensive little shit,
too. A hundred bucks for Thai pussy back in '69--can you imagine? The
real pisser was the long line you had to stand in, but it did move fast. Still,
a hundred big ones for a one minute fuck and she was ugly besides, but I
Anonymous man

"'Medical experts disagree about whether the phenomenon known as
penis captivus is real. Although there have been sporadic reports of allegedly
real cases, many specialists feel that vaginal spasms severe enough to cause
penis captivus are extremely unlikely, and that the male partner would be able
to withdraw his penis once it was sufficiently relaxed.'
'All the endeavours of the pair this surprised to separate proved ineffectual,
and their attempts to draw apart caused them intense pain. Davis . . . ordered
an iced douche, which, however, failed to liberate the imprisoned penis.
Release was impossible until the woman had been placed under chloroform.
The swollen and livid penis exhibited two strangulation-furrows.'

'Apart from several other cases which have come to my knowledge, I should
like to mention that of a completely healthy young woman, married for six
months and at present being treated by me. Her husband has had to refrain
from intercourse for some time, because it always caused his wife to have
spastic vaginal contractions. They are most painful to him and . . . did on
several occasions end in a spasm of the constrictor cunni which sometimes
lasted more than ten minutes and made it impossible for the couple to separate.'

'The second and most complete account of the symptom of penis captivus
in a personally treated patient came from Hildebrandt. He remarked that he
had occasionally heard of the symptom but had been doubtful about the
possibility of its actually occurring. Yet the observation of a typical example
convinced him that 'there is a form of tonic cramp among the muscles of the
female genitalia which occurs during coitus, or more exactly just before the
end of coitus, in such a way that the erect penis is forcibly held back in the
vagina, gripped in a tight muscular cramp, unable to move forward or
backward until, after a few minutes of agitation and fear, the cramp relaxes
and the shrunken penis can be removed.' Hildebrandt disagreed with
Scanzoni's opinion that the constrictor cunni muscles were responsible for
the symptoms of penis captivus; those muscles at the entrance to the vagina
were not strong enough to prevent movement of the penis. He argued that
the culprits were the levator ani muscles, which could powerfully compress
the lower part of the vagina. This conformed with the husband's report that
his penis had been held fast at the glans deep within the vagina, and not at
its base. Moreover, in patients with vaginismus, Hildebrandt had observed
spastic contractions of the levator ani muscles which were strong enough to
prevent the passage of even a thin probe. This observation has been
confirmed by modern authors. In both vaginismus and penis captivus muscular
spasms occur that affect the levatores ani. The timing of the spasm differs.
In vaginismus it occurs before the introduction of the penis (or of some
gynaecological instrument) into the vagina and thus prevents normal sexual
intercourse. In penis captivus, the spasm occurs during normal sexual
intercourse and prevents the termination of the coital connection of the
partners. Vaginismus is a relatively common symptom, but penis captivus is
obviously rare. It is so rare that it is often regarded nowadays as no more
than a prurient myth. Indeed almost all the cases mentioned in medical
publications and in textbooks are based on hearsay and rumour, which have
tended to aggravate the drama and trauma of the event. Yet the description
published by Scanzoni and more especially by Hildebrandt leave no doubt
about the reality of this unusual symptom.'

'British Medical Journal, 5 January 1980, Penis Captivus Has Occurred.
Sir, -- In reply to Dr. F. Kraupl Taylor's article on penis captivus (20
October, p 977), which was recently brought to my attention, there can be
no doubt but that I have seen a case of this seemingly rare condition. The
year was 1947 and the case occurred when I was a houseman at the Royal
Isle of Wight County Hospital. I can distinctly remember the ambulance
drawing up and two young people, a honeymoon couple I believe, being
carried on a single stretcher into the casualty department. An anaesthetic
was given to the female and they were discharged later the same morning.
In view of the number of letters that have recently been written on this
subject I rang my old friend Dr. S. W. Wolfe, who is now in general
practice in Bridgwater, and who was the other houseman at the hospital
at the time. He confirmed my story, his exact words being, 'I remember it
well'. Brendan Musgrave.'"
From Internet (Urban Legends Reference Pages: Sex (Penis Captivus))

I know a woman whose dildo got stuck in her, due to cramping of her
vaginal muscles.

"Is it true that one can get cramp and get stuck in each other during
- Yes, that's true. But it's not very usual. It is due to that there is vacuum
formed inside the vagina."
From a major newspaper

"'Is it true that one can 'get stuck' in each other when making love?'
There is no scientific documentation of people who has been trapped. On
the other hand, I have received several letters where couples have told me
that this has happened to them. There is no reason to doubt that these people
tell the truth. It is prpably due to that the women get vaginism during the
intercourse. Luckily, in that case this happens very seldom as there is no
knowledge about this phenomenon. On the other hand, it is relatively
common with vaginal cramp that makes penetration impossible."
Sex advisor

Is it possible to ripple the vaginal muscles up and down(like a milking hand)?
Is it possible for women to control more than one muscle inside the vagina?

Yes, but it's very hard.
"Repeat all exercises two-three times a week until you have full control of the
wooden egg and can move it up to the cervix and down to the opening of the
'Make better love' by Enid Broderick

"B. The three sections of the vaginal canal
C. Summary of egg exercises step-by-step
1. Insert the egg
2. Horse stance alignment
3. Contract the first section
4. Contract the second section
5. Squeeze the third section
6. Use the second section to move the egg left and right
7. Use the first section to move the egg left and right
8. Use both sections to move the egg left and right
9. Use both sections to tilt the egg
10. Combine all movements
E. Employ all muscles of the vaginal canal"
Exerpts from the index of 'Cultivating Female Sexual Energy' by Mantak Chia & Maneewan Chia

"How to strengthen your yoni
Sahajoli, or vaginal control
How to perform Mula Band ha
Acquiring a strong vagina
How to manipulate the cylinder
Perfecting vaginal control
The hand of the gopi
Practicing Mula Band ha in an upright position
Training the Pubo-Coccygeal muscle"
Exerpts from the index of 'Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine' by André Van Lysebeth

"Here the theory of separate pelvic muscle activity was first spelled out: '...a few
women, specially adept and expert, have mastered the art of contracting and
relaxing each set either independently or together, at will --- a faculty of
enormous value in the technique of intercourse.'"
"Van de Velde 'conclude(s), therefore, that women should understand how to
control these two groups of muscles, and especially how to set each in motion
separately.' But he notes, 'This is, at present, very exceptional: only a few
women have this capacity 'inherently', and, until now there has been hardly any
opportunity for training - in western civilization at least.'"
The Kegel Bibliography

"My female companion is 29, Moslem religion, from mid-west Asia. She seems
to have what I consider a very rare vagina. It grips not just in one place like a
ring (common when women clamp down), but the entire length."
Anonymous man

"If you want to go further and learn to move the individual muscles of the vagina
then the 'exercises with an egg' are very much worthwhile, to be found in the
book: 'Taoist Secrets of Love II, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy' by Mantak
and Maneewan Chia - recommended."
Anonymous man

"Muscle - Action:
bulbospongiosus(constrictor cunni muscles) - compresses vestibular bulb and
constricts vaginal orifice
(in female)
coccygeus - elevates pelvic floor
iliococcygeus - elevates pelvic floor
levator ani - elevates pelvic floor
pubococcygeus - elevates pelvic floor
pubovaginalis - draws vagina forward and superiorly
sphincter urethrae - compresses urethra and vagina
(in female)
The combination of puborectalis, pubococcygeus & iliococcygeus is called the
levator ani m. Pubovaginalis is part of the levator ani muscle."
From internet

"The part of your body including your hip bones is the pelvic area. At the bottom
of the pelvis, several layers of muscle stretch between your legs. The muscles
attach to the front, back, and sides of the pelvis bone. Two pelvic muscles do
most of the work. The biggest one stretches like a hammock. The other is shaped
like a triangle."
University Obstetric and Gynecologic Associates

"The vagina is a hollow muscular tube which is, on average, about 4 inches long,
and stretches to accommodate the penis. The walls of the vagina are comprised
of three layers. The first the mucosa (also referred to as the vaginal lining) is a
collection of flat cells which are regularly shed and replaced. Under the mucosa
are a muscular layer and a layer of connective tissue. The third, innermost layer
consists of fibrous tissue that connects to other anatomical structures."
From internet

"There are muscles rather higher up, these seem to contract all the way around."
Anonymous woman

"When I contract, my vagina is closing not just like a ring at the opening but like
a fist(clenching all of my partner's penis at once).

The PC and vaginal muscles are two different muscle groups. The PC muscle is
the muscle at the opening of the vagina. The vaginal muscles are deeper inside."
Anonymous woman

"I can easily isolate the deeper muscles from the PC muscles. I would say there
are definately two different sets of muscles. There are three points I can control,
the lower pelvic, vaginal opening, the deeper vaginal muscles and a point in
between that I can ripple down or up from the specified sets.
And it's definitely no rumour that some women can force a man to come by just
using the vagina(rippling their vaginal muscles) without moving their hips/body.
I've done it."
Anonymous woman

"As for her vaginal control, well, it was the best that I've ever experienced. She
was clamping and unclamping her entire vagina around my penis. She was
swishing it around inside her, kind of rolling it around in a circular motion that I
find highly pleasurable. Very few women are able to do this, much less do it as
long as she was able to. When she exerted her strength I felt that it wasn't
possible for me to extract myself. She was like a pleasurable vice-clamp on my
dick that opened and closed."
Anonymous man about his experience with a prostitute

"Phase III. Orgasm. As orgasm approaches, both female and male experience
an increase in breathing rate (about three times normal) a doubling of heart rate
and further tension in the muscles. When we climax, the tension is discharged
suddenly and quite pleasurably. In both female and male, the contractions after
orgasm occur at approximately 0.8 second intervals. Female Response. For the
woman, orgasm begins with contractions in the outer one-third of the vagina.
The entire length of the vaginal barrel may ripple with contractions that begin
at the furthest end of the uterus."
Excerpts from the SAR Guide for a Better Sex Life
>Which of the vaginal muscles is the strongest? The one at the opening or the
>ones deeper inside?

That seems to vary from woman to woman.

"I think my muscle at the opening is the strongest."
Anonymous woman

"My vaginal muscles(the ones deeper inside) is stronger than the PC-muscle at
the opening."
Anonymous woman

"I don't know which of my muscles is the strongest, I think they are equally
Anonymous woman

"Before orgasm, my muscle at the opening is stronger. During orgasm the
muscles deeper inside are the strongest."
Anonymous woman

Since the vaginal walls are made of muscles, is it possible to contract them too?
I.e. not the muscles that surrounds the vagina, but the muscles inside the walls.

Don't know.

Does the vagina contract from all sides or just from one side?

It's most common that the vagina closes from the back vaginal wall to the front
wall(the one closest the belly). Some women can contract their vaginal muscles
from all sides, though.

If bodies still(no thrusting), can a woman force a man to come, just using her vaginal muscles?

Yes. Women who truly become expert at using their vaginal muscles can
bring a man to orgasm while sitting unmoving astride him simply by massaging
his penis with their vaginal muscles.

"This is definately no rumour, I've done it."
Anonymous woman

Is it true that some women with strong vaginal muscles can shoot ping pong balls and dildos?


During the male orgasm, when the cock is deep within the vagina, is it possible for a woman to squeeze so tight that the sperm can't ejaculate (the tight clamp of the vagina trapping the sperm inside the shaft so it can't reach the glans)?

Probably not.

Do some women have an inherent talent to control their vaginal muscles and to build vaginal strength?

Will two women who has exercised for the same number of years, be equally strong?

It seems like some women build vaginal strength easier than others. Just like
some people can move their toes independently, it may be easier for some
women to master vaginal control.
*Some women begin to exercise before their teens, i.e. while their body is
growing up. As they often use their muscles during this period, maybe they
develop muscles stronger than normal.
*We are all born different. Some might be born with more powerful muscles
(or with muscles that easier develop strength(I just read that this is called

Does the vagina get loose/stretched if a woman has intercourse regularly?

"The size of a woman's vagina, the strength of her vaginal muscles, and the
thickness of her vaginal tissue have little to do with her sexual desire or
frequency of intercourse or with the vaginal pain or dryness she may
experience during intercourse. These findings resulted from comparing
the self-assessments of the sexual function of 104 women with their vaginal
measurements. Vaginal size was not found to be related to frequency of
From internet

"The vagina is so elastic that it can not be permanently stretched by a big penis."
Female sex advisor

"Q: Hi. I am curious about the size of a women's vagina. My girlfriend has had
a lot of sexual partners, does this mean that her vagina will be 'looser'? Does sex
permanently stretch out a women's vagina?
A: The vagina is one of the truly remarkable parts of human anatomy. It has an
incredible ability to expand and contract. It can stretch during pregnancy to
accommodate a new born yet it can hold a penis tight within it during intercourse.
After intercourse the walls rest back against one another. Although your girlfriend
has had many partners, this does not mean that her vagina will be 'looser'.
Because of its muscular tissue, the vagina has the ability to expand and contract,
like a balloon, allowing a baby to pass through during childbirth, or adjusting to fit
snugly around a tampon, a finger or any size penis."
Sex advisor

"(The Vagina) - This fibro-muscular tube measures approximately 3 1/2 inches
(8 cms) long on average, but with sexual excitement expands in length and diameter
to accommodate any size penis with ease."
Anne Hooper's Pocket Sex Guide/KegelMaster2000

After having intercourse with a woman who has strong vaginal muscles, the cock sometimes get sore. True?


What is 'vagina dentata'?

"'Vagina dentata' or 'vagina-with-teeth', a phobia/fear of intercourse
that some males develop. They subconsciously fear that they will lose
their penis during intercourse, as the vagina 'clamps' it..."
From Internet

Are asian girls tighter(in general)?

Just as oriental guys has a smaller penis(compared to caucasians(white people)),
asian girls have a vagina that is not as deep as the vagina of the white woman.
Regarding tightness, there's a lot of opinions. Most people say asian girls are
at least a little tighter, though.
>Do asian women have stronger vaginal muscles?

Don't know. But some girls(like the girls who shoot ping pong balls) are likely
to be much stronger.

Does vagina size increase with body size(a big woman=loose vagina)?

Not as far as I know.

Do fat/big women have tighter vaginas(because of the mass of the body pressing the vaginal walls inwards)?

Probably not.

Do fat/big women have stronger vaginal muscles(as one of the functions of the pelvic floor is to support the internal organs, a heavy body needs a strong pelvic floor)?

Probably not.

Do fat/big women have a weaker vagina(because of the body weight straining the pelvic floor muscles)?

Yes, that can be true, if she doesn't Kegel exercise.

Women who are professional dancers, do they have stronger vaginal muscles?

Well, here's a list of activities that *may* help tone the vaginal muscles:

-Walking, jogging, swimming
-Strength training, body building

Note: these activities are not a substitute for Kegel exercises, which should
be practised if one want a stronger/tighter vagina.
>Do men have a PC-muscle too?

"Men have some of the muscles a woman uses when she Kegel-exercises, but
not all"
Anonymous woman
- -

"Bill Margold on Lee Carroll. "I discovered her. She is an actress and a
sex star and she deserves every inch of the legend she's created in this
business. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck either a
washing machine or an octopus, and I think I found both answers in Lee
Caroll. I worked with her in Sexcalibur and the woman did not let go. I
was in mortal terror - it was the dentate vagina syndrome. I felt I'd
never see my dick again. That woman has muscles inside muscles. It's like
taking all of Arnold Schwarzenegger and shoving it in a pussy. She has
muscles you've never even heard of kicking around on your dick - and my
poor nine inches didn't know what was going on." (AFW 5/84)"

Note: The bigger the object inside the vagina the more pressure it will get
when she contracts. I.e. when the vagina contracts, you'll feel a lot more
pressure if you insert four fingers than if you insert a single finger. So, a
vagina can clench harder on a big cock than it can on a small. The point
is - in adult movies, the vagina may look weak/helpless during sex with
a big cock - but it isn't. Its strength increases with the diameter of the
cock. So it's easier to inflict pain, stop a cock from penetrating, etc. if
the cock is big/thick.

Vaginal power:
-the pressure of the vaginal muscles

-the soft, warm, wet walls that forces the cock to come(it's just a question of time)

-it's ability to stretch to accept and swallow/engulf any cock

-it has a seductive power of attraction that most men can't resist

-the female genitals can give birth

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